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Searching for locations

Within the project design „100 hotels throughout Serbia“ searching for the location is the second stage of the project.

The idea is that the owners of the locations enter this project as partner on a percentage basis. Land will be estimated by qualified estimators. The land value will be added to the value of the project which is owned by „Ageo“.  The land will be estimated by qualified estimators. The land value will be added to the value of the design, owned by the „Ageo“. So the land owners and „Ageo“ will search for investors in various ways:  on the site www.ageo.rs, with direct contacts, exhibiting designs on real estate  exhibitions by the support of development fund, issuing stocks and listing of hotels on stock exchange market.

If the owners of the locations, which meet below mentioned characteristics, are interested only to sell the location, it is necessary to estimate the value of the land  by themselves,  and offer  „Ageo“ to find investors who would like to buy it. Within the search for the investor, „Ageo“ would offer related location to the investors within the realization of the projects design.

It must be emphasized that „Ageo“ has entered the project designs only as the owner of the projects and carries out the supervision of the hotel building.

It is known that there are a lot of tourist attractive places – interesting areas, deserted households... Our citizens, as well as Diaspora can in this way based on the ownership over the land, come to job positions for themselves and their close relatives.

The land must have the following characteristics: ownership must be land registered, and undoubtedly the position of the roads and cultural contents, local municipality support is indispensable - because of administrative and urban activities, the nearness of water and electricity have been taken into account.

The size of ideal location is from half hectare and more, in order to fit all envisaged contents. Exceptionally attractive locations can be even smaller.

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