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Project design „ONE HUNDRED HOTELS THROUGHOUT SERBIA“  was developed through the cooperation of the enterprise AGEAO with the Serbian Academy of Architecture, wishing to use tourist resources of Serbia and to make a network of modern and consistent hotels’ offer pursuant to world standards with adequate and guaranteed quality of offer, accommodation and services.

Concerning its character, the design has been prepared in phases and envisages three stages in the realization of:

I Stage – Designs Tender was announced in order to get more typologically various concepts and designs which in a modern way rely on national folk construction. Designed hotels can change with small construction interventions from ten to fifty double bedrooms made in modern and comfortable hotel buildings.

This tender is at the same time one in the series of tender assignments, with a view to obtain more typological various decisions of the hotel which have been standardized and have got a consistent offer, and which are designed for characteristic hypothetic locations such as:

River and lake inshore area
Hilly-mountainous areas
Lowlands and Vojvodina’s farm cottages
Motels along the highways
Village tourism

Hotels are of evolutionary construction possibilities, it is envisaged that they can change from basically 10 double bedrooms to 50 double bedrooms.

It was necessary to achieve modernized architectural concept, following the bases of national folk construction, striving to obtain a real harmony and spirit materialized in modern comfortable and quality hotel buildings.

In fact, these hotels are the essence of the ethnological-environmental system of the region and settlement where they are located. Observing the concept of sustainable development, the aim in the first place, is to preserve a part of the tradition related to the village life custom.

After completing the tender and awards granted, Ageo is now in a possibility to offer more than twenty project designs of the hotels for joint venture investment.

II Phase – Locations – Finding adequate land on convenient  locations, such as hilly-mountainous areas, river and lake lowlands, preserved ecological zones, architectural locations and along monastery land complexes.

-   Animation of public ready to recognize the market idea and cooperation with real estate cadastres as well as adjustment to local plans of regional plans for tourism.

Hotels can be built on a partnership basis, they can be built for a reliable buyer, some can be a part of a joint-stock company, listed on foreign exchange market, etc......

Project designs can be presented and advertised on fairs of tourism, real estate and other similar manifestations.

III Phase - Investments – Construction of hotels -  Synergy in which designs and owners of the land mutually search and find investors, domestic and foreign ones, development funds, state bodies, construction enterprises, tour operators, tourist agencies, enterprises for furnishing hotels and alike. That is at the same time our target, synergy of the tourist and economic development and the development of our country.

In the economic sense the use of architectural, building profession, tourism, orientation of land owners, revival of backward, undeveloped and naturally beautiful municipalities, employment of domicile local population that would be trained to render various services, from catering, through home industry workshops, old crafts, folklore schools, traditional domestic products offer, sports activities and alike.

It is necessary to activate our tourist resources as an aspect of ethno tourism available to an average representative of urban population and to place it to not distant destination with cultural, educational, recreation contents.

The programme of possible activities should be changed from the passive observer and the consumer of natural values to the active participant in the contents of the surrounding that have been offered to him, such as: hunting, fishing, sailing, mountaineering, mini golf, horse riding, picnic tours...


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