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About us

Enterprise  «AGEO» Ltd. was founded on 28th June 1994. and is engaged in the activities of engineering – geodesy and publishing.

Geodesy takes a significant place in the field of engineering, where we have achieved a world level with the use of the latest technology, programmes, even surveying the natural terrain of the most distant parts of the globe through the Internet.

Our contacts and possibilities are equal to the experience of the largest Serbian and world construction companies:  Energoprojekt, PIM, Komgrap, SRK, Archirodon...
As a TAS-Technical Assistant Service, we are able to gather the expert teams and companies even for the most complex construction design projects and facilities.

As for HR – Human Resources – we are in contact with excellent world companies and our colleagues work now in Peru, Guatemala, Libya, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Russia and Uganda.

During the last year, we initiated an important social project design «100 hotels throughout Serbia» wishing to connect Serbia with modern and consistent offer pursuant to world standards.

Regarding publishing, we published 32 CD of fairy tales from the whole world in Serbian language, with authentic ethno music basis. We prepared and printed a tourist dictionary Swahili-Serbian, as our contribution to the expansion of friendship among the people.  

We have also published a university textbook «Engineering Geodesy I» of the Ph. D.  Slobodan Asanin. We have also organized in the last few years numerous cultural manifestations, such as literature evenings, books promotions, exhibitions, voyage slide projections and alike.


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