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Experiences of our colleagues have been gained all over the world on the most complex construction facilities: tunnels, dams, high ways, irrigation systems, congress and market centers, residential blocks, geotechnical works, surveying of the marine and lake bottom as well as river beds, quarries, findings, dumping places, structures auscultations….

A great part of the activities was carried out in the construction operation activities but also for the needs of designing and GIS.

We make a land survey of the facilities of cultural importance as well as the facilities that are being reconstructed.

We are the founders of the first geodetic web site in Serbia: www.geodezija.rs (undereconstruction)

As constructors, we participated in publishing of the University textbook “Engineering geodesy” -  author  Ph.D. Slobodan Ašanin

The use of the latest technology and related programmes enable us to survey the natural appearance of the terrain all over the world with the accuracy of 0.5 m and the preparation of the situation plans with necessary surface contour lines, profiles, quantities, ….

  • Bases for designing of great “Grande” design 7 dams in Bolivia.
  • Bases for designing of residential settlement in Russia, Moscow – Aksakovo.
  • Bases for designing of “Xcbal” dams in Guatemala.
  • Bases for designing of new dams in Guatemala.
  • Bases for designing of – Čenta - Serbia
  • Bases for designing of – Novi Sad - Čene j – Serbia.

Some samples of our work



Green market "Zeleni venac", Belgrade (Photo galllery)

Surveying - landscapes
(video clips, open in a new window)



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