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Technical Assistance Service

Ageo company was established in 1994. as Engineering and Consulting Company.
Our experts are Worlwide known all round the World, what is presented in the list downbelow.

We have borned in the biggist Yougoslav Company Energoproject, also worldwide known Engineering, Consulting and Contracting Company, with the present Capital over half billion USD and with the more then three thosand Employes, amangs them more than 500 Doctors of Scienc and Master Degree Engineers.

Still we are very close with our mother company  Energoprojekt and it is our source of experts of all kinds and Discioplines of Engineering Field of Activities, especial in the Civil Engeering Works, and also we cooperate in business development  all around the world. So, this is the list of projects in which we participate together, last five years:

Peru BiH Russia Vietnam Libya
Argentina Croatia Ukraina Malesya Uganda
Bolivia Slovenia Mongolia Iraq Kenya
Chile Germany Kazakhstan Iran Gana
Panama Monte Negro Ukraine Qatar Algeria
Guatemala Dubai Egypt Yemen Kongo
Abu Dhabi Gvinea Zimbabwe    

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